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A Call for Time-based Economics. A major scandal in the gaming industry. was in the minds of the people that made the ESEA hack, the Bitcoin mine that was only.

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You probably know of one of the cons from the famous Bitcoin scandal,.You cant do shit like they did. Period. Now just like every other business in the real world, they are going to have to defend themselves and possibly be found liable for a lot of damages.They need to take a few more actions, be more transparent, and work ten times as hard to earn our trust back.

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Considering the minimal harm and risk and expense of trial, I think this is a great settlement.

If your gpu died while mining it is possible it was caused by the bitcoin mining, but muuuuuch more likely it was just getting old and dying and having heat problems from shitty case airflow etc.Craig Levine on ESL, the bitcoin scandal, and North American Counter-Strike Wednesday, September 16th 2015 at 11:47AM BST. cofound the successful ESEA service,.

Bitcoin, the virtual currency that has been racing toward acceptance as a genuine currency, had a colossal setback this past Tuesday, when a major Bitcoin exchange.By the time ESEA league launched, the newest incarnation of CS was over four years old.Closing out my thoughts, I genuinely hope ESEA gets their ship straightened.If you feel we missed you for some reason, please message me.Counter-Strike: ESEA - The Company You Love To Hate. Their malicious incidents are just as bad or as much as their great deeds.There is scandal in the. client that would secretly run a Bitcoin mining. remove the mining code and all ESEA users will be getting a.SAme thing would happen to anyone else, and ESEA is no exception.Around that time, ESEA News staff was specifically told to not write about CS dying to maintain the illusion of a healthy community.

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ESEA earned cold hard cash for every calculation, and multiple users reported there computers over heating and damages to video cards.Personally, I believe it was because the US was one of the last communities to consider competitive gaming socially acceptable.I guess as long as it functions and my FPS are in the same range.Fuck ESEA, please stop paying for their services if you currently still are, if at least one person stops paying because of this message I am happy.NA CS was falling off, whether people are willing to admit it or not.You merely asked for his username and all these angry kids just downvoted you.

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ESEA caught in Bitcoin scam. ESEA secretly added a bitcoin miner to the ESEA client.This in turn overheated and destroyed many of peoples precious 400-600 dollar graphic cards.The odd ESEA submission either flies below the radar or gets blown up with upvotes and downvotes flying in all directions.

One factor that I believe could have played a part in the quick deterioration was that the card could be defective, but it was fine before I mined and this is just pure speculation.So for those of you into competitive CS or Esports in general, looks like one of the premier leagues is in some hot water.At some point, ESEA wrote a bitcoin miner and secretly added it to the client. most recently evidenced by the Bitcoin scandal,.

ESEA Bitcoin Scandal. profit off you via bitcoin and their hefty pay to play fees,.If I were to whip something up tomorrow and 5000 users signed up after a week, believe me, I could get investors on board.Off of the analogy, they have stated they would donate the profit to charity and raise the league prize pool.Details on the class action lawsuit against ESEA for the botnet bitcoin scandal.This is also NOT acceptable, and a s a result, lpkane has been fired.

An unidentified staffer at the ESEA gaming network has been fired for allegedly turning the.A broke kid either loses one of the few things he enjoys in life or forks up the money and is screwed for awhile.Since then my graphics card - EVGA GTX 680 (with factory clock settings) - has been running 10 to 20 degrees Celsius hotter at all times.ESEA has its own referral program: for each user that signs up using your referral link,.Imagine that they made up a number of excuses, including stating how it was a joke for April Fools, before a partner comes out and takes a professional approach to try and diffuse the situation.ESEA has made sure that all Bitcoin mining has stopped. ESEA.With things like the ESEA scandal regarding piggy-backing bitcoin clients in their software,.