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ATMChain Taps DECENT Blockchain To Help Advertisers Target Viewers In China CryptoCoinsNews - 1 month ago Based on the blockchain network developed on top of the DECENT protocol, ATMChain recently announced it will support DCT as a method of payment in its ICO, which began Aug. 8, 2017. ATMChain has.

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ICO Analysis: BOSCoin Hacked - 5 months ago BlockchainOS Coin is what BOSCoin means.MatchPool ICO Raises A Lot of Red Flags As CEO is Allegedly Withdrawing Funds newsBTC - 5 months ago The Ethereum ecosystem is home to many intriguing projects and ideas.The key with blockchain is it is a technology that can be used with anything of value.

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Description: A decentralized matchmaking service which uses group dynamics for dating people or any kind of paid membership community which can clearly define two sides of an interaction or market.

Description: A decentralized platform for hosting all types of digital content: articles, books, blogs, video, music, pictures, audio and video streaming, and software.

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Players of Minecraft, for instance, have had the option of using Bitcoin to purchase store.Blockchain Project Waves launches landmark USD gateway Blockchain News - 3 months ago Waves Platform has kicked off their USD gateway which is now live within the client.Description: A Ethereum-based decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that encapsulates the advantages of a traditional startup with the best attributes of crowdsourcing dynamics and intelligence.

One of the most exciting services is Civic, which was launched by Gyft co-founder, venture capitalist and.Blockchain Startup Respectonomy Finalises ICO Details, Launches Whitepaper and Bounty Programme Blockchain News - 8 months ago Respectonomy began as a group of developers who wanted to make a community for content creators to earn money.How Exscudo Helps You To Store Cryptocurrencies Blockchain News - 4 months ago Exscudo solutions are based on EON Blockchain, which has in itself a fundamental innovation of Blockchain archivation so that every user who downloads the complete EON Blockchain will not have to.Blockchain asset management platform ICONOMI now open to public CryptoNinjas - 1 month ago ICONOMI, a digital asset management platform for the distributed economy has reached its next major development milestone.ARK Integration with Ledger Hardware Wallets, Upcoming Developments (blog) - 6 days ago The ARK Blockchain has added its Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) ARK token to the Ledger hardware wallet to enable a secure method for storing the cryptocurrency offline.Motobecane USA (press release) - 1 month ago The Motobecane HAL eBoost (Highly Active Linkage) by Motobecane USA.

Launch Dates for These New Cryptocurrency ITOs Have Been Announced Investopedia - 2 months ago OpenLedger has released the dates for the Initial Token Offerings (ITO) of four different projects—OCASH,, GetGame and Apptrade—being built on its platform.Bitcoin Rebranding in Japan: BitGirls TV Show To Sugarcoat Mt.Gox Drama CoinTelegraph - 12 months ago Japan is about to experience a cryptocurrency-themed TV show called BitGirls.

Description: An anonymous, untraceable and unlinkeable, energy efficient, Proof-of-Stake v3 cryptocurrency with an advanced hierarchical deterministic wallet (HD wallet).Ghana Trial of HMQ App Gets Underway in Earnest Moving beyond an initial pilot of a.

Blockchain Ecosystem With Diverse Portfolio Improves Its Productivity CoinTelegraph - 4 months ago Blockchain incubator Adel Ecosystems Ltd. is banking on the power of a diversified portfolio.During its activities for over three years, the casino platform made a profit of.A Japanese TV Show Wants Teens to Vote for Their Idols with Cryptocurrency Motherboard - 12 months ago BitGirls is the latest attempt at tapping into this market, but with a twist: the company behind it is Tech Bureau Corp., a Japanese firm that runs a cryptocurrency exchange, and the BitGirls—minor.Description: An administrative platform for decentralized organizations built on Ethereum.

Melonport introduces first blockchain asset manager competition CryptoNinjas - 2 months ago Melonport, a private company building the open-source Melon Protocol, a blockchain protocol for digital asset management has just announced a portfolio manager competition which aims to enable users.It aims to create a decentralized cloud and set up a marketplace for computing resources.

Mysterium ICO Brings In Big Bucks For Decentralized VPN Services ETHNews - 4 months ago Mysterium is powered by partnerships with digital asset marketplace TokenMarket, crypto financial broker Bitcoin Suisse AG, and open source framework Zeppelin.KIBO to Provide Integrated Lottery Games Built on Ethereum Smart Contracts CryptoCoinsNews - 1 years ago A partner operating his or her own lottery receives the support of a back office, ready games, a simple user interface and marketing tools for user engagement and retention.Description: A Software for consumers, webmasters, advertisers, and advertising data management platforms within a RTB (Real Time Bidding) framework.Maecenas Announces Token Crowdsale Date For Fine Art Blockchain News - 4 weeks ago In addition to being accepted to the incubation program, which grants the project access to world-leading experts in crowdsales, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency, Maecenas has a.Description: A decentralized Mobile Gaming platform and store for in-game purchases.EY Supporting Global Cryptocurrency BOScoin Yahoo Finance - 5 months ago BOScoin Trust Contracts provide the foundations for a secure, self-evolving system where non-technical users can also create immutable and shareable contracts on the blockchain.The Open ANX Foundation Closes Token Sale Ahead of Schedule CryptoCoinsNews - 2 months ago The openANX Foundation Limited closed the OAX Token Sale ahead of schedule after surpassing its initial funding goal. openANX technology addresses in a distributed manner credit risk markets,.

ARK Partnering with Ledger to Offer Hardware Wallet from July 28, 2017 newsBTC - 2 months ago The project has long been a focus of both the groups and has finally released on July 28, 2017.This notification system is designed to instantly inform Exodus users.Exscudo, Blockchain Financial Services Provider Launches ICO Blockchain News - 5 months ago The digital valuable Exscudo offers for crowdsale is called EON.Retail, Rentals, Salaries, Commerce, Lending, Wealth Management.Crypto wallet Exodus adds Aragon and EOS in latest release CryptoNinjas - 2 months ago Exodus also has added an internal, in-app status notification system to inform users of any delays or upcoming network changes.Storj Retraction: Forget Dollar Parity, Double-Dollar Parity is Real CryptoCoinsNews - 1 month ago Just yesterday this author was published on this very website saying that he believed dollar parity for Storj was a possibility.

Blockchain-Based Social Network Matchpool Releases Alpha Version Coinspeaker - 2 months ago Matchpool announces the launch of alpha version of Its blockchain-based Matchmaking platform.One of these projects is Cosmos, a network and a framework for interoperability.Lunyr system will grow in scope and complexity when decentralized content production and advertising are.Monolith Studio Announces Crowdsale for TokenCard, the First Debit Card Powered by Smart Contracts Blockchain News - 5 months ago Monolith Studio has announced its token launch (ICO) for TokenCard, the first debit card powered by smart contracts.Blockchain Incubation: Building Collaborative Environment to Attract Talented Developers CoinTelegraph - 4 months ago Blockchain incubator, Adel Ecosystem, Ltd. is revolutionizing the Blockchain incubation process by offering employment opportunities to community members.This installment covers Beyond the Void, a real-time strategy game with MOBA elements woven into it.Washington DC-based RegTech Startup Securrency Joins Forces With International FinTech Firm Humaniq New Kerala - 1 week ago WASHINGTON and LONDON, September 9, 2017: Securrency, a RegTech company with a platform designed to streamline regulatory compliance for token offerings, has just signed an extensive strategic.